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Poster Production

Poster Production

Vision Advertising can offer a full artwork design and proof service, we also offer very cost effective poster printing services so we can deal with everything in terms of your poster campaign.

Due to our experience with numerous poster campaigns over the years we can offer you creative assistance and advice to ensure you get the most out of your poster campaign, after all the campaign will only be a success if you get the creative design of your poster exactly right.

You need not work at finished size, as we can scale your artwork up before printing. However we recommend you produce artwork to scale and in logical proportion to the final size i.e. between the ratios of 1:10 & 1:20

Take a look at the various different poster sizes we can accommodate below.

Due to our volume of print, ever changing printing technology and the number of different poster formats we always recommend you contact us directly for a personal quote based on your specific requirements.

Poster Sizes

Overall Sizes (Width x Height)

  • 6 Sheet
    1,200mm x 1,800mm
    1 section
    Safe Copy Area: Leave 40mm all the way around design

  • 16 Sheet
    2,032mm x 3,048mm
    4 x 1,016mm x 1,524mm sections

  • 32 Sheet
    4,064mm x 3,048mm
    8 x 1,016mm x 1,524mm sections

  • 48 Sheet
    6,096mm x 3,048mm
    12 x 1,016mm x 1,524mm sections

  • 96 Sheet
    12,192mm x 3048mm
    24 x 1,016mm x 1,524mm sections
    Safe Copy Area: 11,887mm x 2,952mm