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Use property as advertising space

Installing an advertising panel can be a good source of extra revenue income.

If you have a commercial property with a blank gable end wall, or a piece of land that you feel may be suitable for one of our poster panels, please contact us.

Providing photographs and as much detail as possible about the property will also help us determine how suitable the location might be.

We will also consider other bespoke advertising opportunities too.

We will survey the potential site and our proposal will be based on a number of factors:

  • The location
  • Panel format
  • Number of panels on site
  • Potential audience level
  • Advertising planning consent
Maintenance of advertising space on private properties

It's very important to our advertisers that their campaigns are seen in a clean and tidy environment therefore with all our developments we aim to make environmental improvements and enhance the amenity of the local areas.

We will deal with the entire development procedure from the site survey and design of the structure to all planning issues and will oversee the construction of the billboard.